WhatsApp will Provide Pinned Chat Feature

WhatsApp will bring new features to make it easier for its users. Reportedly, Google’s instant messaging service will feature a new feature where users can pin some favorite messages above.

Among the various instant messaging available, WhatsApp is what many gadget users use. One of the factors that makes WhatsApp a favorite instant message is probably because it looks simple and does not require high internet connectivity in sending messages.

No wonder, the activity of sending a message is often done by using WhatsApp. Well, because of the many messages that go in WhatsApp, sometimes you have to bother scroll down to find the message you are looking for.

Atletico’s Heavy Mission: Overcome and Forget Defeat, Then Try Turning Circumstances

Losing 0-3 defeat of Real Madrid undoubtedly hurt Atletico Madrid. But Diego Simeone wants his squad to accept it, forget it, and try to get up.

Atletico lost a landslide 0-3 in the Champions League semi-final first leg at Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday (05/03/2017) pm dawn. This makes Los Colchoneros a mission almost impossible to step into the final.

The results were psychologically also a severe blow. Therefore reminiscent of Atletico will be injured in two Champions League final in the last three seasons.

Atletico twice faced with Madrid in the final, namely in 2013/2014 and 2015/2016. Both ended in defeat and this time should be a chance to reply.

Simeone did not want to get carried away by the nuances of disappointment after the negative results. He believes there is still an open opportunity, though small, and confirms it should be pursued.

“I told the team that we needed to overcome this defeat, to forget it – the football was incredible – it was very tough, but this is football,” Simeone told liveskor skor bola livescore123.com official website.

“Things like that can happen, we’ll try until the end, until the last whistle sounded in the second leg, they look better and you have to watch them.” They maximize their chances. ”

“We have an important game on Saturday and then we need to look for opportunities next week I am calm We will try to do something almost impossible We are Atletico Madrid and maybe, just maybe yes, we can do it.

Gordon Ramsay to Open ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

Finally, lovers of the show ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ will soon be satisfied. Because soon this event will be realized in the form of a restaurant.

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ a reality show cooking competition hosted by Gordon Ramsay since 2005. This year’s event hit the 16th season. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his sadistic and pioneering demos on the participants.

The restaurant will open this winter this year at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Strip, reports foxnews
“The fans of this event have asked us to bring Hell’s Kitchen Retaurant to real life since the first, so I realize and will open at Caesars Palace,” Ramsay said on his Facebook page.

Hell’s Kitchen is a cooking competition in America followed by 16-18 chefs who have been elected. They compete for the position of Executive Chef at a famous restaurant

According to Food & Wine, a team from Caesars Palace said the restaurant was designed by Jeffrey Beers International. Visitors who come in will feel like they are in the studio and they participate in a worldwide event.

This place can accommodate 300 people and will present a complete lunch, dinner and bar menu and offers meals both indoors and outdoors.

Giant Frogs in Africa, Weighs 3 Kg!

Recently splash of 9 gigantic frogs found residents in Enrekang. Well, not only in Enrekang, giant frogs are also found in Africa.

Africa became the habitat for the giant frog known as Goliath Frog, whose Latin name is Conraua goliath. This frog is not an ordinary frog. Reportedly Goliath Frog is the largest frog in the world.

Seen from the San Diego Zoo site, the US Zoo is aggressively informing endangered species on Tuesday (2/5/2017), Goliath Frog lives in the rainforest of western Africa. As along the rivers in Cameroon, Republic of Guinea and Gabon.

The amount was not half-hearted. Its length is 32 centimeters and weighs 3.3 kilograms. This length is measured in the Goliath Frog’s position is silent, but if stretched its legs may be doubled.
While still a tadpole of the same magnitude as in general, but over time the frog continues to grow until so large. The jump can even be as far as 3 meters. Wow!

Goliath Frog can live up to 15 years. The food, are scorpions, insects, fish, and other amphibians. At one time, a researcher even found a bat in Goliath’s stomach.

Goliath Frog is indeed unique. But unfortunately this animal is not much else on earth. Reportedly, people in a country inhabited by Goliath Frog still hunt and eat it.

Glimpsed from Global Wildlife Conservation, the Goliath Frog is listed on the endangered IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List. Global Wildlife Conservation is opening hands wide for anyone including tourists who want to donate funds.

The fund will go to Cameroon Herpetology-Conservation Biology Foundation (CAMHERP-CBF), a foundation that routinely invites the people of Cameroon to preserve the Goliath Frog.